From the runway to street blogs, Arabic fashion is taking the world by storm. One great way to join the trend is with an Arabic name necklace, one of Namefully's bestselling products.

Arabic name necklaces are very popular among those with Middle Eastern roots. The Arabic culture is one of deep history and a strong devotion to family, religion, and life. A personal name necklace is a perfect way for customers to take pride in their rich Arabic culture.

That being said, you certainly don't have to be of Arabic descent to wear an exotic Arabic name necklace. On the contrary, an Arabic name necklace is a stylish way to embrace multiculturalism and openness to different traditions. If you're looking for a special gift for a free spirit, an Arabic name necklace is the perfect choice.

Another reason why Arabic name necklaces are so popular is because they offer an alluring sense of mystery. Only those who read Arabic will understand what they mean so customers can feel free to choose the name of a loved one or a word that has special significance to them. Here are some of our most requested Arabic words for name necklaces and rings:


Peace سلام

Allah الله

Faith إيمان


Whatever design you choose, Arabic name necklaces are truly a piece of art. With their elegant script style they are always exquisite, unique, and very beautiful to look at.

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